802.11 Statistic value for reference:

I was always wondering, if there is some reference value i could use when i troubleshoot a  wireless and RF issues. Particularly  when it comes to  duty cycle /channel utilization, time delay and retries. Here are some values and you can keep this as reference for your Wlan troubleshooting:

#802.11 statistics values for reference:
Retries: less than 20%
Loss: not exceed 1% packet loss
Channel utilization: keep it under 50-40% and possible 30%
Noise: should not exceed -92dBm, Where -80dBm is bad.
SNR:should be greater than 25dB
Signal strength : should be around -67 or -65 even in the edge of the cell.
Time or delay: Keep it below 100 and possible <300 ms




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