WiFi Chipsets @ their action:

Today  I was sitting at my home and working on personal PC was able to sense Low WiFi speed. So i took another laptop of mine able to work with decent speed. Note: 1st laptop  is around 2 + years old .

Tried to run my  favorite windows command on both the Machine:


your seeing the performance of 5 Ghz VS 2.4Ghz and its Wifi chipset in  action.

The first laptop with Intel 7260 AC adapter and my 2+ year old laptop is running Atheros  AR9485WB-EG.

#Intel 7260 AC adapter is a 2*2 spacial stream and works with both 2.4 and 5ghz frequency and its an 802.11 AC adapter that can operate at 867mbps

#Whereas, Qualcom Atheros AR9485WB-EG is an 1*1 spacial Stream adapter and can operate only on 2.4 ghz and its an 802.11 N standard adapter that can operate at a speed of 150 Mbps.

This proves 2 things,

#Why 5Ghz.

#Why to refresh new hardware (WiFi chipset in my case). Just couple of old clients reporting slowness doesn’t mean WiFi network is slow.

And finally why both of them didn’t run at top of their MCS rate supported?? Yes, your right  its because of SNR.

Example I have got a capture of 2.4 ghz around.


Yes, its running on channel 2, co-channel and adjust channel interference will get us a low SNR , apart from the RSSI.






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