My name is Praveen Kumar. I live and work in Australia. A Father  and Husband to a sweet women that i ever met . I work for a Cyber Security Security Solution Vendor. Wireless Networking and Network Security is “my thing”.

Working in fast pace Network Environments has really kept me going. Slowly I got addicted and later I started to fall in love with Information Technology and its world. I really enjoy doing problem analysis and derive solution for a problem.

Graduated with Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science Degree, Started my career working for a Leading Wireless Solution Vendor and later extended my expertise in both Cyber Security and Wireless Industry. Holding IT Network Industry standard certifications from CISCO, ARUBA, MICROSOFT, FORTINET,  SONICWALL, CWNP (CWNE-294).

Like to travel around. Music is some thing keeps me refreshed and I like playing loud music’s. House/Club Music is my favorite.

My intention of writing blog post is to share information and knowledge that i acquire by learning or by practice in work to the global Networking community that might come handy for other.

-Praveen kumar.




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