My name is Praveen Kumar. I live in Malaysia. My sweet family includes myself, my favorite little brother and my Mom . I work for a Network Security Solution Vendor. Wireless Networking and Network Security is “my thing”.

Working in fast pace Network Environments has really kept me going. Slowly I got addicted and later i started to fall in love with Information Technology and its world. I really enjoy doing problem analysis and derive solution for a problem.

Graduated with Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science Degree. Started my career working for a Leading Wireless Solution Vendor and later extended my expertise in both Security and wireless. Holding IT Network Industry standard certifications from CISCO, ARUBA, MICROSOFT, FORTINET,  SONICWALL, MERU NETWORKS, CWNP (cwna,cwap, cwsp,cwdp).

Like to travel and there are some exciting travels i did and that will stay as memory for ever. Music is some thing keeps me refreshed and I like playing music Loud and High. House Music is my favorite.

My intention is to share information and knowledge that i acquire by learning or by practice in work to the global Networking community that might come handy for other.

-praveen kumar.




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